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PPC for Plumbers

Looking to give your plumbing or HVAC company a quick jump start? Pay per Click is a great place to start since it puts you in front of customers exactly when they are searching for a plumber. Running a winning cost-effective PPC campaign requires expertise. You can trust the PPC experts of plumbers digital. Call us today! 877-920-0226

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is part of Google Ads and is a marketing strategy where people bid to have their web page appear at the top of a search for a given product or service.​

Now what does that mean? What it really means is if you need to get business fast, you can buy the top spot when someone searches for your products or services. Now that sounds simple enough and anyone can do it right? Not exactly, you see it is a complicated process to make sure you have the right keywords, bid strategy, and ads. There is an entire industry built around expertise in Google Ads.

Here at Plumbers Digital, we employ a seasoned team of Google Ads experts who only work in the plumbing digital marketing field. We think this specialization and focus assures the absolute best return on investment to company and client alike.

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Do I need PPC?

There are many companies that employ PPC full time as part of their overall digital marketing strategy and it works well for them. There are companies that employ PPC only part-time seasonally or in the startup phase of their business. There are companies that only use PPC for one or two portions and of course there are companies that never use PPC.

This is going to depend on your company and your needs, for instance if your company is well established, has built a loyal customer base and already has built out a full organic digital presence you may never need or use PPC. Then there is everyone else who could utilize PPC since it is very cost-effective especially in the plumbing and HVAC industry.

To learn more about PPC and how it may help your company reach its goals, contact us at Plumbers Digital to talk to a PPC expert today!

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