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What’s the importance of a plumber’s blog?

Blogging is one of the most important aspects of web content for plumbers. Blog posts are a cheap and effective way to market content online, and with regular deployment it will drive relevant traffic to your website.  A plumber’s blog can be more than just dry, technical articles. Posts about unusual or funny incidents on the job are popular. As part of our services, Plumbers Digital provides monthly blog posts for each of our clients’ websites. There are many ways that regular blog posts contribute to SEO and internet marketing. Plumbers Digital offers content marketing as part of our comprehensive online marketing management plans.

Blog posts are simple, consistent, and cost-effective.

An effective plumbing blog helps with:

  • Brand Development: Your blog should promote your company and expand your online presence
  • Consistent Activity: Blogging indicates regular activity to search engines and their users
  • Audience Targeting: Posts are an informal way to target specific audiences
  • Search Optimization: Blog posts should be optimized with keywords for SEO just like any other web page.

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As a plumbing company, you probably don’t have the time or resources to keep to a monthly post schedule.  But unless blogging is done consistently/regularly it is basically useless. Plumbers Digital offers a few different types of content management plans so that contractors never have to worry about blog schedules. Our expert content team crafts individual posts, specifically for your website.  We use WordPress for content management which allows us to publish blogs internally on your website. This prompts Google to crawl and index your website more often.

The elements of a successful plumbing blog post

Publishing a post is important, but that is just one piece of the puzzle.  For a post to Help SEO, lead generation, and brand development, it needs to have certain attributes. Our content team performs a thorough optimization on each post to maximize its potential influence.  Remember, your competitor websites are after the same goals and targeting the same market as you, so separation/differentiation by paying scrupulous attention to details can be the difference between success and failure. Simply publishing a post won’t solidify your content as authoritative to Google.

To separate you from competitors, blog posts must be:

  • Engaging To Readers: Keep it short
  • Interactive For Users:  calls to action, etc.
  • Optimized With Keywords: Target industry and local keywords based on research
  • Styled and Formatted:  The posts need to be good looking.

We use the WordPress CMS (content management system), which gives us great control over SEO, so blog posts can have greater SEO potential. Generally speaking, there are two types of blogs; internal and external. WordPress supports internal blogging, which publishes posts on your website. The advantages are that you have control over responsive and mobile formatting options to help make your blog easier to view across devices.  By contrast, external blogs are published on 3rd party servers (Blogger,,  etc.). Posts are terrific tools because of their informality and potential reach.  Posts let plumbing companies communicate with customers in ways not otherwise possible. Topics can anything.

How Often Should Plumbers Blog?

Your website should post new blog post at least once per month. Plumbers Digital will create regular posts for your site on a monthly basis. This schedule keeps fresh content circulating on your website, encouraging Google to find new posts.

In addition to increasing search visibility, regular blogging creates another conversion funnel where consumers are attracted and converted. Our SEO experts perform exhaustive keyword research to identify opportunities for post topics.

Blogging helps brand your plumbing company and adds to your ongoing SEO efforts.

Publishing posts with a professional voice, style, and visual engagement,  helps get the word out about your company to a large consumer base. Enriching original content with infographics, videos, and other media keeps readers engaged and just makes for better conversion rates and marketing ROI.

Consumer attention spans have grown shorter, making engagement more critical for content marketers.

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